Kids of Kyokushin
Kyokushin karate - kids’ classes taken by Sempai Silas Piskaut. The adult classes have emphasizing on condition and stamina, as sign of possible tournaments planned.

I have noted a change in the pace of style of karate training we have been doing recently. Emphasis has been put on body condition and stamina exercises with an increase in tournament fighting techniques. The change of pace may suggest a comeback for Kyokushin with a tournament looming.

It has been years since a tournament was held. However, the renewed interest in martial arts, particularly karate, and its speculated inclusion in the coming Papua New Guinea games next year might trigger a preparation phase for Kyokushin.

The rumour mill has churned up news that the PNG Games in 2012 will include karate which will have competitions in full contact as well as semi-contact. Anyway, we will keep our fingers crossed and wait for the official announcements to be made.