Rotten fish does seem to have a very unpleasant stench and I recon so does the contingent to Palau for the III Pacific Tuna Forum (2011). The 63 person contingent represents every province. However, I have doubts if some of these provinces need representatives there.

Included in the contingent were representatives from the Highlands region. Now if the forum had been about Fisheries in general then I’d understand but it is specifically about tuna.

Tuna is a seawater fish and is found in the seas. The Highlands region is surrounded by land and one cannot even see the sea there. So what are they doing there? What is the interest there? I doubt it has anything with tuna farming, harvesting or exporting.

Now maybe there is a small market for tuna in the Highlands which would constitute their participation. However, the market would be a very small niche (mainly expatriates) that it would be a waste of resources for them to participate.

Anyway, like I said, something stinks and it smells like tuna.

School of tuna
Something stinks in the tuna forum. Picture from