It was like a zoo yesterday with the apes hurling banana peels and howling like mating season when Parliament sat yesterday. I could hear from the background of the NBC broadcast that it was chaos. Then the alpha ape stands up and makes an announcement that sends the opposing primates mad. He sacks the opposing leader and declares the primate leader’s position vacant and turns the ape world upside down. Yep, welcome to Papua New Guinea (PNG) politics.

The Speaker of Parliament, Jeffery Nape, declared Sir Michael Somare dismissed from office and his seat at the provincial level vacant. The irony in all of this is that both are from the same political party National Alliance (NA) and as Paul Reinbara points out on Facebook, he is Somare’s own creation.

Yes, the former government appointed Nape as the Speaker and for two terms used him as their armour against the opposition. However, in a recent turn of events a couple of months ago, Nape dropped the shield allowing opposition to move a motion and oust his government. Official reasons for this siding were never revealed.

However, rumour suggests that it is in relation to the ‘kitchen cabinet’ and that Nape had approached then acting Prime Minister Sam Abal to have certain ministers sacked. When this did not happen he turned sides.

There is a saying that about ‘biting the hand that feeds you’, well it seems the former government bit more than it could chew when getting on the wrong side of Nape. Meanwhile, the person whom I believe masterminded the whole issue has been keeping a low profile, grinning demonically at the unfolding events.

The lesson to be learnt is that a wild animal will always remain feral and if you don’t feed it enough it may just turn around and bite your hand off.