Kyokushin karate kids at the PNG MOKKA Dojo
The concept of the blog is to create an avenue where martial arts news can be easily sourced.

I have thinking about starting a martial arts website for some time now. I even went to the extent of designing the site in Drupal. However, due to high cost of communications, I have decided to put it on hold. Remember with a website the cost would include domain registration, hosting fees, and other miscellaneous fees. Thus I have just created a blog.

My initial website idea (which will be used on the blog) was to create an avenue for martial arts to be showcased on the internet. The site would include stories, martial artists feature, upcoming events, and basically anything and everything about martial arts in Papua New Guinea (PNG). It would also serve as a directory for people interesting in the martial arts. The idea will be applied to the blog and hopefully in the future I will be able to buy a domain.

The blog is called PNG Warrior ( Cool name eh? Too bad I didn’t think of it. The name is the brainchild of Andrew Molen. He created and also administers a Facebook group of the same name. And I did get permission to use the name and we are also still designing a logo.

If you want to contribute to the PNG Warrior blog then feel free to email me ( The only requirement being you must be passionate about martial arts.

Anyway, I’ve yet to source some profiles but I’ve got a few people in mind whom shall yet remain nameless (fingers crossed). I’ll keep you posted once I starting putting content on the blog.