The Adventure Park water slideNCDC governor Powes Parkop and PNG Gardener Justin Tkatchenko have both denied the allegations presented in the purported NDCD internal audit report posted on the PNG Exposed blog. According to the media, a news conference was held at Bluff Inn on Wednesday in which both addressed the issues in person.

Parkop alleges that the report is a fake and was a move to mar his political career and possibly topple him in the coming elections. He also states that the alleged author, David Conn, has informed him that the report was a forgery. He also added that he does not have a common interest with Tkatchenko.

Tkatchenko also defended his position, claiming that the K3 million payments last year were for projects carried out through cooperation between the public and private sectors. He also states that the projects were a community service and not to create revenue, and also put on a slideshow presentation of the projects that was cited in the alleged audit.