In The National today, there is a report by Jacob Pok on page 5 that the Tari community residing at the 9 Mile settlement outside of Port Moresby are

…calling on the government to ban illegal sale of alcohol in settlements….

As far as I’m concerned the so called “ban” of an item that is already illegal is just an excuse. The item is already banned hence illegal. How can the government ban something that is already illegal? Irrational is what this is! The true blame should be put on the community who sat and watched while these activities took place. This goes for all communities.

Communities must start taking ownership of their surroundings. If a poisonous snake was spotted near your child, what would you do? Obviously, your either kill it or chase it away. The same principle should be applied to our habitation. Now, I’m not saying that you should go and kill someone who is doing bad things in the community. Instead, reporting it to the proper authorities is what should be done and early.

Most times, we tend to leave something unchallenged until it becomes worse then we run around looking for a cure. The fact is it could have been avoided if something had been done when it first started.

Again, we should not always be blaming the government because of our failures. The simple truth is many communities allow social ills to breed and its only when something bad happens that we start speaking out. Instead a proactive approach should be taken.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!