Earlier this year I made a list of the top 10 films on my “to watch” list for 2011. (see the list here)

Anyway I have managed to watch 4 of the 10 films in the list. However, there may be additional films I’d like to add to the list. The films I’ve seen so far are:

1.   Transformer: Dark of the Moon.

Although not as appealing as the previous franchises mainly because the sexy screen siren Megan Fox is not in it. I did manage to find the weaving of fact and fiction intriguing enough to rekindle thoughts of conspiracy theories.

2.   Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

I absolutely loved this film. However, I did miss Kiera Knightly but Penelope Cruz did a wonderful job as the love interest. Aye! Cap’n Jack Sparrow be in a new adventure on the high seas.

3.    The Mechanic

What can I say? Statham is the man. Obviously he is surely bringing sexy back to men with receding hairlines. This is one for all bald men. You can read my review here.

4.   Priest

Finally, but not the least, is Priest. Now, if its action you want then its action you will get as Paul Bettany fights a colony of vampires in a post apocalyptic setting. Check out my review here.