Perception and Reality

Einstein quote
Einstein quote shared by Tom Anderson on Google+

Recently Tom Anderson on Google+ shared a link with a quote from the one of the greatest minds of our century Albert Einstein (see right). The quote relates directly to our lives and those around us.

There are times when we judge or perceive someone as stupid or dumb (this happens a lot in the classroom). However, what we fail to see it that we are judging them according to our own perceived set of criterion. The reality is they have their own standards much like a fish cannot be expected to climb a tree.

As we start to judge other people, maybe we should take a little time to step back and put ourselves in their shoes. If you find someone boring, then ask yourself “why?” You might find that the things that interest you are not as interesting to them. Or if you are trying to teach someone something and they are not as responsive as you’d expected, ask yourself “why this is?”

The reality is that we set these ridiculous criterion and expect everyone to conform to our views. However, we lack to consider that each individual is different and encouraging natural growth is what we should be striving for.

Einstein himself was considered a failure most of his childhood and until later in life that he started to shine, not by conforming to society but on his own terms.

Perception is what we believe; reality is what we make of it.

Weird Science on eBay

John Travolta reincarnated?
John Travolta reincarnated?
John Travolta in his past life?
John Travolta in his past life?





eBay has dragged in its share of strange over the years with shopper reportedly buying almost anything under the sun. Now a photo of someone in 1860 that resembles actor John Travolta is on sale for the nifty sum of US$50,000.

The 150 year old photograph is being sold by a Canadian photo collector who claims it is a picture of Travolta in his previous life.

Travolta, along with a good number of celebrities, belong to the Church of Scientology which believes in reincarnation, and not surprisingly he is the second actor to have a past life photograph. The first was Nicholas Cage.


Qualified Personnel Only

Former Police Commissioner Anthony Wagambie
Former Police Commissioner Anthony Wagambie

The current government is now trimming the edges that the former government failed to do like investigating fraud and corruption. They are also taking a stand to ensure that qualified personnel hold key positions within government agencies. This includes, with advice from the Department of Personnel Management, replacing certain department heads and former Police Commissioner Wagambie is the first.

It comes as no surprise that Wagambie has been replaced. In fact, rumor of his removal had been in the air a couple of weeks ago but only materialised yesterday. He is just the first of a good number of people who are currently in positions that they are under-qualified for or have reached compulsory retirement age under the Public Service Management Act; a few of the names will stun you. However, that will be revealed in due time.

Our hope (and prayer) is that the government will replace these people with qualified individuals instead of putting in their own people – something they have staunchly accused the former regime of doing.

Qualified personnel only, please.

Save the Magani Campaign

Magani on sale
The magani is facing a decline in its population and faces the possibility of extinction.

Magani or wallaby meat is a tasty treat for city slickers travelling along the Central highways. Unfortunately, their population are reported to be in decline and are in grave danger of becoming extinct or placed on the endangered list.

This is a result of overhunting, deforestation due to logging, population explosion and new and emerging pressure on the savannah in which they thrive.

A call is being made to the general public to refuse buying meat of undersized (baby) magani. You can register your support by emailing

Another green monster in the merger

Model aeroplane at Air Niugini
Is the merger between Air Niugini and Airlines PNG in the best interest of the people of Papua New Guinea?

The proposed merger between Air Niugini and Airlines PNG is a hot topic this week. People have been throwing their thoughts all over the media with a good majority against it. I must also agree.

That is not to say there are benefits to it, there is, however, the merger creates a monopoly in the aviation market which is my greatest concern. As we all know competition creates a healthy market with affordable prices. However, the merger will remove the current competition. This may create another green monster.

The green monster is a term I like to describe our national commercial bank, Bank South Pacific (BSP). When the Papua New Guinea Banking Corporation (PNGBC) was merged with BSP back in 2002, BSP’s managing director Noel Smith said

…significant cost savings as part of the synergistic benefits of amalgamation…a locally owned entity, the bank would promote stability in the PNG economy, ensuring that a bank with significant market share will make decisions in the best interests of PNG and its people

However, in the last couple of years they have increased and added extra fees. This raises the question if the merger actually achieved its goal of cost saving – the same reasoning is being given for the airline merger.

If the merger happens, air travel will be monopolized by a single airline and who is to say they won’t charge exorbitant prices, higher than the current, for a service that is already unfair. Francis Kalukal puts this out clearly in his letter published in The National (27/09/11).

He questions the logic of the merger and points out that the large costs incurred by Air Niugini are due to inefficient management and operations especially with the frequent cancellations (as an example) which forces the airlines to accommodate travellers in very expensive places like Lae and Port Moresby. He even goes further by comparing the service received by international travellers as opposed to the domestic routes.

Why should someone taking a short flight to Cairns be served a nicely prepared sandwich plus drink (even beer) while someone travelling from Port Moresby to Rabaul are served a small packet of biscuit and a small cup of juice? Yet the domestic traveller would have paid higher airfares than the international traveller.

The merger is pushed by former Prime Minster Sir Mekere Morauta who also used the free education gimmick in 2007 and was the one that introduced privatisation and the BSP merger. The people at the time trusted him because of his economic background. Unfortunately, the BSP merger, although a good business deal, is not a good deal for the minimum wage earner whose hard earned kina gets gobbled up by a hungry green monster.

The idea of merging the airlines is only workable if there is healthy competition. The merged companies would become one, put their resources together and provide services against others. However, in this case, if the airlines merge we are left again with a monopoly.

Is that in the best interest of the people of Papua New Guinea?

Reaching for the stars

Greg Aaron - BelieveDigicel Stars is creating opportunities and making dreams come true especially for 2010’s winner Greg Aaron whose debut album, Believe, is now available on CD Baby and iTunes. His style of music has been described as a fusion of rock, alternate and country. Album producer, Allen Kedea or also known as AKay47 said it was a long wait but he was happy to make the announcement on social media Facebook.

AKay47 has also released a track called Time is Now which features members of Naka Blood; Tattz, Loggie Logz & Black Bonez, and will be released in the new album Brand Niu Day. Check it out.

Lost in Translation – Pictures Say It Better

I guess once in a while I get spam from my friends that are actually worth going through. Here is something I received last week. Thanks Daniel for forwarding this.

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