The song “Noken Paitim Meri” by Barike resonates deep this past couple of weeks, especially when the media has been constantly reporting violence perpetrated by Police personnel against their wives. This problem is runs deep.

If you take time to analyse it, much of what happens in the domestic environment is a direct result of parental influence. Parents who are violent usually breed violent children; fathers who drink usually end up with drunken kids and mothers who gamble find their children do the same. It is a legacy that has to stop.

The culture of violence has to stop and our generation have the power to do it. Past generations have already done the damage. The result is what we are facing. The future is yet undetermined but the present hold the world in their hands. Are we going to breed violent and misbehaved children? Are we going to let violence become our way of life? I say no!

The violence perpetrated in the last few years and weeks should be enough to feed the bloody wants of the God of Violence for centuries to come. Let the God of Peace reign in our hearts, minds and deeds.