Call me whatever you want but I found the declared public holiday, National Repentance Day (August 26) as a waste of time. There was no logic in declaring the day a public holiday. I doubt many people took the time to reflect on their lives, actions, thoughts etc. To many it was probably just another holiday – and I’m sure you know what that constitutes of.

I think that instead of letting people take the time as a holiday, the government must make the departments utilise the day as a ‘retreat’. This will probably instil a more meaningful event into the lives of the public servants.

You can bet your bottom kina that during our first Repentance Day, the majority of people were not thinking of their past transgressions. Instead, the day was most likely fuelled with alcohol and a lot of repetition.

So if the government is serious about this day, then something must be done to encourage actual repentance.