A purported internal audit report posted on the anticorruption blog, PNG Exposed, has been officially dispelled by the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) as a fabrication. In a press release sanctioned by NCDC Chief Internal Auditor, Matapere Tau, the NCDC states

“…this allege report was neither prepared nor authored by the NCDC Internal Audit division or the Audit Committee.”

The mentioned report alleges abuse and misconduct by the National Capital District governor, Powes Parkop. It alleges that the governor breached several acts including the Public Finance Management Act and the NCDC Act.

It is believed that the report was doctored by people with a vested interest in the Commission but has neither the capacity nor the authority to prepare and release such information and warns the public not to be misled.

The NCDC Internal Audit division affirms that it executes its functions with strict accordance to the Internal Audit Charter and reports to the Independent Audit Committee.