Earlier this year, my friend Wari Puana, gave me a pamphlet about campaign awareness. It basically outlines the Central Vibrant Youths’ sensible voting tips and asks every individual not to sell their votes come election time in 2012. In summary, it basically says, with great insight:

  • Your vote is your weapon (tool) to change the future;
  • Selling your votes is selling your freedom and choice;
  • Someone who buys votes has the potential to be bought, and;
  • A true leader does not buy votes but earns it.

The underside of the pamphlet has tips regarding who and who not to vote. It makes a lot of sense if you look at the arguments they present.

For further information or inquiring about the awareness campaign, you can contact:
Central Vibrant Youths
P.O. Box 4455, Boroko, NCD
Tel: (+675) 3258432
Mob: (+675) 72890511
Email: wvpuana@gmail.com