EMTV - the leading TV station in Papua New Guinea

It seems journalism in Papua New Guinea’s main television station, EMTV, has reached a very low point. In a reply to blogger, Nelson Tom’s Papua New Guinea Media blog, someone from the station hit back with an email.

“From: EMTV National News news@emtv.com.pg

Nelson were not up to your criticism so please save it coz we don’t bother…Your not “IT” how much experience do you have in mainstream to criticize. Your just a new kid on the block trying to gain attention so n!@#$ pls?shoosh…”

The reply was informal and was not proper for an organisation of such stature. It was in fact a childish reply.

As a media organisation, the use of the ‘N’ word is highly inappropriate and shows a clearly insensitive person (who wrote this).

I personally believe EMTV’s management did not authorise this reply but it still poses a serious question about the people being employed in said organisation.