If you are regular listener of the radio and reader of JK’s weekly column in The National, you may have noticed that CHM is waging a war against music pirating and the boom-box. However, I am in the firm belief that the humble boom-box is being targeted for reasons other than piracy.

There is a definite link between boom-boxes and music piracy – that cannot be denied – however, the same can be said about other entertainment devices that can read and play from media like CDs, flash-drives and SD Cards. Today, you have radios, car stereos, DVD and VCD players, MP3 players and the list goes on, that can do the exact same thing a boom-box does. So why is the boom-box being targeted?

The answer to this question is simple – because the boom-box has made media devices like the portable radio/stereo redundant. This means a decline in demand and thus spells a loss for companies that sell entertainment systems. At the rate CHM is attacking the boom-box; I can only imagine that the losses are significant.

Now before I let you think about this and make up your own decision, I would like to point out that if the boom-box is banned then another problem may arise. This is because according to Wikipedia, a boom-box covers any portable device that can play music and pickup radio signals:

“A boombox, also known as a ghetto blaster, jambox,wogbox or radio-cassette, is a device capable of receiving radio stations and playing recorded music (usually cassettes or CDs), usually at relatively high volume. Many models are also capable of recording (onto cassette) from radio and (sometimes) other sources. Designed for portability, most boomboxes can be powered by batteries, as well as by line current.”

This would include that Sony Portable DVD/VCD/CD player you have at home.