The bookshop

Recently, I went around looking for a birthday present. I wanted to buy something that was worthwhile but not too expensive. The person whom I got the present for was a devout Christian and I couldn’t get the usual “boxed” present (get my drift ;-)) so I decided that a book would be appropriate. So began the search for a book.

Finding a book is easy, but finding one that does not break your pocket is not that easy. My search began at the usual bookstores but everything turned out to be inappropriate or too expensive. I found a lot of great books sold by Brian Bell but they were over my budget. Well, eventually I came across the Christian Book World, a bookstore along Okari drive at Boroko.

At the time the store had a sale and great books were going for prices ranging from 50t upward. I was also surprised to find that, although the establishment were run by followers of the United Church faith, they sold materials from all sorts of denominations including Catholic and Seventh Day Adventists (SDA).

Anyway, if you are thinking of buying a present or a book, why not drop by and choose something from their library.