It seems the call to ban lamb flaps by Honourable Jamie Maxtone-Graham is causing quite a stir among the masses. There is an even split between those who support the idea and those who love the imported meat too much to let it go. Personally, I’m against it.

The consumption of lamb flaps is a personal lifestyle choice. In Papua New Guinea (PNG), we are blessed with the freedom of choice. Now, while some of our choices are not good, it is a constitutional right that makes us a part of the ‘free world’ so we must let individuals make the choice. But if the government truly believes that individual choice must be regulated then I suggest banning alcohol and tobacco too. These two products are probably the most destructive ‘foods’ ever legally processed.

Alcohol has been linked with countless number of deaths both accidental and premeditated. It has been behind many traffic accidents, broken marriages and so on. So why hasn’t any anyone come up with a bill to totally ban the stuff?

Tobacco too, has no medical or nutritional qualities yet the government allows our people to consume the product without giving it a second thought, but it doesn’t stop there – smoking is known to kill even non-smokers. It is unfortunate that nothing is printed on the label to warn smokers that they could be killing those close to them.

So there you have it. There are products more destructive than lamb flaps that should be seriously considered for banning. All these products directly impact the surrounding people, unlike lamb flaps which take its toll on only one person.