My nephew at the fountain .
My newphen Nathan at the fountain. He said the water in there smelled. I didn't notice.

I visited the Adventure Park at 14 Mile for the first time this Sunday. It was an experience.

The park is great with a waterslide that will thrill any kid (big and small, young and old). They also have small artificial lakes which are filled with fish so that visitors can try their hand at a bit of angling, and a large area where families can have picnics. Unfortunately, it will be expensive if you are thinking of bringing a large family.

Entrance into the park is free. However, the slide passes costs K20 (half day) and K30 (full day) per person! The food too has a high price tag with a can of soda costing around K4, a pie at K4.50 but if you want an adventure day out with your family then it’s worth every penny.

If you are planning to go up then I suggest planning ahead:

  • Bring something you can swim in. Only proper swimwear is allowed in the slide. Also make sure to wash properly.
  • Bring enough money for the slides. Remember it’s between K20 – K30 per person so if you are bringing more than two kid then make sure you have more than enough for each kid.

    The water slide
    The park's main attraction
  • Bring your own food. The food is quite expensive so it would be more economical to bring your own.
  • You can also bring your own fishing rod but you will have to pay a fee to fish ‘in their waters’

Anyway, if you are planning on going this weekend then have fun – that all that matters.