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I find it very relaxing going away from the city. The peace and quiet, the fresh air, the smell of green grass and a whiff of country air brings an overwhelming sense of calm. Unfortunately, I don’t have a vehicle so taking rides out of the city becomes a once in a while activity. However, I had forgotten (& many of us too) that there is a piece of the jungle right here is the city – our own getaway spot.

The Botanical Gardens is beautiful man made habitat that many too often forget. The only time most of us visit the gardens is for a large family gathering like weddings and graduation kaikai. But the garden is open to the public everyday and charges K2.50 per person while families go for K6.

I recently had the opportunity to rediscover this hidden hideaway during my cousins Penina and Artha’s graduation kaikai. Both graduated from the University of Papua New Guinea’s Medical Facility.