Overcrowded roads condusive for road rage
Overcrowded roads condusive for road rage

The current overcrowding of public roads in the city will no doubt lead to increase cases of road rage. According to Wikipedia, road rage is ‘aggressive or angry behaviour by a driver of an automobile or other motor vehicle’. They also further state the manifestations of this behaviour:

  • Aggressive driving, sudden acceleration and cutting others off in a lane.
  • Yelling and rude hand gestures.
  •  Driving at high speed and trying to terrify motorist and sometimes commuters.

There are more on the list but I have chosen these few because they are all too familiar in the city motorways. However, the last couple of years have seen an increase in motor vehicles which has resulted in an overcrowded road system. This can only mean an increase in road rage if nothing is done about it.

The cause of road rage according to an article by Jean Laurence on MedicineNet.com is overcrowding. Yes, the simple fact is putting too many people in a closed space causes tension and heightens aggression. The article cleverly compares it to the feeling of waiting in a queue which is a common experience for Port Moresby residence.

A good everyday example of a common manifestation of road rage is the cutting in that Public Motor Vehicle (PMV) drivers often do. Nearly everyone you ask will tell you that it is the stupidity of drivers. However, this behaviour only manifested itself recently – after the roads became overcrowded.

Anyway, the tolls on road rage are fairly low compared to larger countries. However, if nothing is done to address this then we can look forward to a future of more aggressive and dangerous drivers.