This is the rationing schedule if water does not run normally by this afternoon. Rationing will continue until water is restored normally.

Area 1–  All of Gerehu, Rainbow, POM Nats, UPNG, Admin Coll, Waigani Heights, Telikom Compound, Games Village, Tokarara, Hohola, POMCC, Waigani Office

Area 2– Morata, 8mile, 9mile, Moitaka, MacGregor, Pari, Kilakila, 2mile, Korobosea, Boroko, Bisini, POM Grammar

Area 3– all of Gordons, 6-7mile, Airport, Erima, Airways. Gordons 5, Garden Hills, Waigani Stop n Shop, Parliament Haus

Area 4– All of Town, Burns Peak, Konedobu, Hanuabada, Badiagwa, Tatana, Badili, Koki, Gabutu, Boroko

Time ON OFF  
6.00am-12.00pm Area 4 Area 1, 2 &3
12.00pm-6.00am Area 1 & 3 Area 2 & 4
6.00pm-12.00am Area 2 & 4 Area1 &3
12.00am-6.00am Area 4 Area 1,2&3

Note: Port Moresby General Hospital, PIH, POM Private Specialist, Paradise Private will be receiving 24 hours water supply