The weather in Port Moresby has changed in the last couple of years. The normally dry city is now facing high rainfall. This can affected the city in a big way. The drains cannot hold the large volume of water which is causing flooding, and some of the roads which are not up to standard have buckled under the water. However, the city authorities can re-strategize and make use of this abundant blessing.

A simple way to save

This is probably the best time to plant trees around the city. Over the years, several organisations have tried to revegetate the barren hills in the city. This is often futile because of the weather and vandals constantly cutting trees for wood. With the new weather pattern, all it needs is for the plant to be placed in the ground. This is also a good season for those in the water business.

Eda Ranu and other commercial water bottling companies can also utilize this change by installing facilities to harvest rain water. This reservoir can then be used to supplement the already stretched water resources. Individuals can also install gutters and tanks to collect water. This will help a lot with the monthly bills.

And for those who want to make gardens, now is your time.