I was very concerned when I read about Bart Philemon’s comment on the K100m injection into the public service. It seems that Mr Philemon has lost his coconuts after too much politics. The money injected into the PS payroll is not unproductive. In fact, it is a welcome relief to the majority of public servants who are slowly drowning in a rising tide of expenses. The true waste lies with the money spent on 52% increment for departmental heads and leaders including Mr Philemon himself.

A Member of Parliament’s annual salary is about K150, 000 which includes vehicle, housing, entertainment allowances etc. This equates to about + K5000 per fortnight! On the other hand, the average public servant receives about K10, 400 per annum (K400 per fortnight) and is expected to buy food, bills, transport, rent, school fees etc with it. How much do you think is left over at the end of the week?

So where does the real waste lie?