EDA RANU Water Rationing Schedule

This is the rationing schedule if water does not run normally by this afternoon. Rationing will continue until water is restored normally.

Area 1–  All of Gerehu, Rainbow, POM Nats, UPNG, Admin Coll, Waigani Heights, Telikom Compound, Games Village, Tokarara, Hohola, POMCC, Waigani Office

Area 2– Morata, 8mile, 9mile, Moitaka, MacGregor, Pari, Kilakila, 2mile, Korobosea, Boroko, Bisini, POM Grammar

Area 3– all of Gordons, 6-7mile, Airport, Erima, Airways. Gordons 5, Garden Hills, Waigani Stop n Shop, Parliament Haus

Area 4– All of Town, Burns Peak, Konedobu, Hanuabada, Badiagwa, Tatana, Badili, Koki, Gabutu, Boroko

Time ON OFF  
6.00am-12.00pm Area 4 Area 1, 2 &3
12.00pm-6.00am Area 1 & 3 Area 2 & 4
6.00pm-12.00am Area 2 & 4 Area1 &3
12.00am-6.00am Area 4 Area 1,2&3

Note: Port Moresby General Hospital, PIH, POM Private Specialist, Paradise Private will be receiving 24 hours water supply

Hidden ATMs in Port Moresby

Longpela lain long ATM
ATM queue at BSP Waigani Banking Centre

Fortnights are a hassle when trying to get some money. The ATM queues can go as long as 10 meters or more. Here is a list of ATMs hidden around the city.

Digicel HQ

The Digicel HQ in Gordons has an ATM in their premises. There are usually no lines but then there isn’t any shade and there’s a fair amount of walking if you haven’t got a car to get there.

Port Moresby Motor Sports Club (Car Club)

Believe it or not, there is an ATM in the pokies bar of Car Club. This is probably illegal but then only member are allowed.

Vision City

There are now four ATMs and a BSP Mini branch in Vision City mall. Two are located in the center of the mall and two are located near the entrances to the toilets.

ATM at Digicel HQ
ATM at Digicel HQ

PNG Power Headquaters

PNG Power HQ at Hohola has an ATM situated within its premises.

Jackson’s Airport Terminal

With the Jackson’s Terminal there are ATM machines for ANZ and BSP customers.


One of our readers has mentioned an ATM on the ground floor of Delotte Tower in Down Town, Port Moresby. Thanks for the contribution.

Stop & Shop Badili

The new SNS at Badili has an ATM for both Westpac and BSP customers.

Stop & Shop Raibow

There are also a couple of ATMs located here as well.

I will update this list as I get more information. However, should anyone know of any secret ATMs then let me know at bernard_sinai@yahoo.com

Excuse Me!? What Did U Say?

Some titles of songs and films can really be insulting. I recently had an encounter in one of the local video shops whilst trying to buy the DVD titled “I Spit on Your Grave (Unrated)”. This film is a remake about a young woman who is brutally raped and later gets revenge by equally brutalising and killing her tormentors. Anyway back to topic.

So I walk into the shop and say to the attendant “I Spit on Your Grave”, the man looks at me with eyes about to pop. “What?” he asks and I repeated the title. This goes twice more before I tell him that I want the DVD by that title. His constricted face falls back into place and he smiles – he finally understood that I was not insulting him!

This incident also reminded me of something I read in Reader’s Digest some years back about a man who walks into this restaurant with his wife. The food is lovely and the music is catchy so he walks up to the bartender and inquires about the song. He asks the first time and the bartender says something. He asks again, louder this time and receives the same answer which results in a barrage of insults to the bartender. Later, when he’s calmer, the wife explains that the band was playing Michael Jackson’s Beat It.

Make use of the abundant water from the skies (and save).

The weather in Port Moresby has changed in the last couple of years. The normally dry city is now facing high rainfall. This can affected the city in a big way. The drains cannot hold the large volume of water which is causing flooding, and some of the roads which are not up to standard have buckled under the water. However, the city authorities can re-strategize and make use of this abundant blessing.

A simple way to save

This is probably the best time to plant trees around the city. Over the years, several organisations have tried to revegetate the barren hills in the city. This is often futile because of the weather and vandals constantly cutting trees for wood. With the new weather pattern, all it needs is for the plant to be placed in the ground. This is also a good season for those in the water business.

Eda Ranu and other commercial water bottling companies can also utilize this change by installing facilities to harvest rain water. This reservoir can then be used to supplement the already stretched water resources. Individuals can also install gutters and tanks to collect water. This will help a lot with the monthly bills.

And for those who want to make gardens, now is your time.

Where the Waste Lies

I was very concerned when I read about Bart Philemon’s comment on the K100m injection into the public service. It seems that Mr Philemon has lost his coconuts after too much politics. The money injected into the PS payroll is not unproductive. In fact, it is a welcome relief to the majority of public servants who are slowly drowning in a rising tide of expenses. The true waste lies with the money spent on 52% increment for departmental heads and leaders including Mr Philemon himself.

A Member of Parliament’s annual salary is about K150, 000 which includes vehicle, housing, entertainment allowances etc. This equates to about + K5000 per fortnight! On the other hand, the average public servant receives about K10, 400 per annum (K400 per fortnight) and is expected to buy food, bills, transport, rent, school fees etc with it. How much do you think is left over at the end of the week?

So where does the real waste lie?