Model aeroplane
A model aeroplane at Air Niugini

Interviews are the most nerve wrecking part of a job search. I had to go through one today with Air Niugini. I applied for an IT Support Officer position and got the call – I was shortlisted and scheduled for an interview today at 9AM. Of the three shortlisted, I went first.

In the interview room, I could feel my own heart beat as I waited for my interviewers. Thankfully these guys were able to loosen me up with some jokes before we started. Anyway, after the interview, I started thinking how it went. And then boom! Like an explosion it came to me – I had the opportunity to set the bar for the next interviewees.

Being first in line gives you the opportunity to set the standard. If my interview went extremely well that increased my chances of winning the job because all the others had to beat that. However, if it didn’t then I’d soon be forgotten.

Anyway, my point is – if you are first in line – MAKE THE MOST OF IT. Give it your best shot.