I’ve had it with my boss and his bullshit. I know its human nature to dislike certain people for whatever reasons but being someone in authority means equal treatment – or so they say!

One of our senior officers recently resigned from office. His upcoming departure was formally announced and a small ‘going-away’ party was suggested. All was going well until someone suggested getting the officer a parting gift. This prompted the ‘man upstairs’ to respond with an email to all the staff saying the office “does not give gift these days, we were criticised by Audit and in 2009 all departmental heads were instructed not to use state funds to purchase gifts.  Lunch is all that will be provided!”

However, last year (2010) and the previous year (2009) and that following (2008), all staff that left were accorded gifts. So why not with this senior officer?

Last year, two officers left for greener pastures. Both were considered junior to this year’s passing officer and both were female. Both were accorded gifts as a token of appreciation from the office. So why not the same be accorded to this senior male officer?

I can only speculate why an instruction to departmental heads given in 2009 is only being implemented this year. Whatever the reasons, I hope they are not influence by personal feeling toward the officer.