I have been working in the public service for three (3) years now and I never gave a damn about pay, allowance etc until recently. I guess recently I have started to see the ugly face of petty office politics, thanks to a former colleague who incidentally studied politics.

It seems that if you have a strong position that you can use to bargain then you might as well milk the cow dry. Now here are some examples of what I’ve seen.

Under worked & Over paid (Over worked & Under paid)

There are people that hardly do any work. I mean you barely see them in the office. Yet they are paid more than you because they are senior officers. Yep, this practice is usually done by senior officer but it is not only limited to their ranks. You will find that the ‘work ethic’ rubs off to some junior staff. The worst part is that some underpaid officer is doing all their work.

Once a Casual, always a Casual

Another thing is seeing staff being casuals for over 6 months. I know of a certain young lady who worked with us for nearly three years as a casual! During her time as a casual, a couple of other casuals were brought in and soon after those two became permanent. Thank God the young lady found employment elsewhere – and with better conditions.


Another particular case is where an office of nearly 20 years experience gets overlooked for promotion. Now, the irritating thing was that this officer was acting in the position for almost a year. Shouldn’t that be enough to give position? Well, this particular officer left for greener pastures and believe me; she has left a large void.

Leave it for Later (& the Blame Game)

Then you have the procrastinators (I am guilty if this sometimes) who sleep on tasks until the very last moment. The ugly thing about procrastinators is that they like to play the blame game. They sleep on a task until the very last minute and then start pressuring everyone to have it done. In the end when the task is not complete, all those in the process become scape-goats.

Equal Treatment

Now this one really infuriates me. I am talking about the treatment of senior staff by your boss. I have noticed that my boss is scared of putting his foot down on his senior staff when they make a mistake. If you are going to give me a verbal reprimand for a minor offense, shouldn’t the same be done for senior officers? Where is equality in the workplace?

The Bully

Then you have the bully who uses their position of authority to get you to do things their way. Now, I’m not talking about the person who comes to you direct and tells you to do this but that person who uses someone else ‘s influence to coerce you into doing something.

In the end you find that the office and workplace resembles a playground, only with larger kids and different playthings. There may be people who seem mature; however, they still remain childish. Not because they can’t help it but because they choose not to grow out of it.

If you have experience any of these scenarios or have other examples, please feel free to let it out.