Confused button

Now this word actually had me really confused. In fact, I would not find out the meaning of this word until a few weeks later.

One of my friends liked to send emails to everyone and then she’d sing off with ‘Lalu’ and then her nickname. So believe it or not, I actually thought it was her name. Now, one day my cousin sister came to visit and I mentioned that ‘Lalu’ said this. Imagine the wide grin on her face as she asked who that was. I, of course, told her that it was this friend and her other name was ‘Lalu’. My cousin laughed at me for almost 5 minutes – but the worst part is that she did not tell me what it meant.

Anyway, about a week later, my girlfriend sent a text and used the exact same word “Lalu”. Now, that was when it started to click, “Lalu” actually meant “Love You” – and all this time I thought it was someone’s name!