A sniper scope
Does this look like a child's toy? - picture from HobbyTron

It was very entertaining and troubling to read about “sniper’s telescope” found in a passenger’s luggage. The person named Karl Sopol had the scope wrapped in cloth and placed at the bottom of his bag. Sopol tried to justify the item as a binocular which failed, and then he told the customs agent that it was a toy for his kids (source: The NationalSniper’s telescope found on traveler).

What!? You let your kids play with a rifle part?

The truth is this is a very serious issue. The discovery of the telescopic sight indicates an elaborate plan by someone or a group to smuggle in weapons that may be used in the upcoming elections or the impending LNG conflict. Now, as this is only a piece of the larger item, we can only assume other parts will be tried to be smuggled in or have already come in.