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This year, the Christmas light at the Jack Pidik park at 5 Mile are bigger and better than the previous years. However, it has also been the worst, in terms of security, since its inception.

On Saturday (4th December 2010) night, I took a stroll to the park with my extended family. We knew that opportunists would be actively prowling the grounds so we opted to go as a group. The idea was that a large group provided security. Fortunately, we were right.

I could see drunkards, thieves and all sorts of nasty characters lurking in dark corners, prying their eyes on potential targets. It was a security nightmare.

This is not because of the additional shows and lights but the fact that it is the only event for the whole city. The crowds gathered every evening are the largest since which makes trying to provide security a very difficult task. The security personnel too that were on duty that night seemed more concerned about the props – as if someone is going to steal the giraffes.

Now, I would suggest that the Governor consider putting lights and shows in other suburbs as well. This would distribute the number of city residents so that they all don’t converge in one location.

This can be an expensive exercise but the safety of the residents should be paramount.

Anyways Mr. Governor, the lights are great but the security is not.