Respect Women

I find it very strange the way older men act toward young girls. I witnessed a group of men sitting at the bus-stop doing this.

A couple of teenage girls (I am assuming this of the features) walked past and one of the men pretended to grab them. The girls jumped back and the men started laughing. They also said some rude remarks to the girls. Now, I scanned all the men’s faces and they looked like they were in their late 20s or early 30s and probably married or have children.

Now I firmly believe that no one in that group would have liked it if the same action were directed against their mothers, sisters or female relatives. However, they acted toward these girls without even thinking about that.

It is rather embarrassing when we act a certain way toward our female relatives yet we have a different personality when we are in the proximity of other women. Are men really that shallow? Is that how we think of our women folk?

Now these particular men may have dismissed it as a joke or ‘pilai tasol’ but the truth is they clearly showed a lack of respect for these girls. I wonder how they treat their sisters and mothers.

To be honest, I used to do that when I was a boy. I now realise that it was immature and childish. And to see grown men continue to act like they just reached puberty is rather disgraceful. It is no wonder we have so much moral breakdown in our communities. There are too many boys pretending to be adults.