Shame on You!

The article by Jeffrey Elapa “Worthless cheque!” in The National brings shame to everyone.

 Firstly, the MP involved in the bungle should have known better. In fact, now that it has come out both the MP and the officer from the National Planning should be both investigated and criminal charges should be laid. The MP should lower his head in shame, resign from his office and let a formal investigation to be carried out.

 Secondly, the officer has brought shame to the public service. It is people like that have tarnished the once reputable name of the departments. As a public servant, I am appalled that people are using their already paid positions to blackmail and extort money. Are we nothing more than common criminals?

 I used to solely blame the politicians for the lack of development and services reaching the people. In my opinion, they were to blame. However, I have now changed my views. The blame lies on both the politicians and the public servants. We are all trying to serve our interests instead of providing a public service.

 What a shame!