Dame Carol Kidu

The recent adjournment of Parliament has forced the issue of the 22 reserved seats for women to be delayed. This comes as no surprise especially with the government constantly using the adjournment process as a political tool.

The Post Courier boldly printed the headline “Kidu furious” (30th November 2010) . In the article, Community Development Minister, Dame Carol Kidu, is quoted saying “They just want to avoid the issue – gutless wonders who let out a lot of hot air!” And its true, that’s what politicians do; they talk a lot of hot air and they are gutless. In fact, I believe, one reason for the adjournment was the fear of women establishing a strong political influence once that bill is passed.

If the female representatives decided to form a political party then they would pose a serious threat to the current male dominated parties.

Now some people may argue that the bill is unconstitutional because the women representatives are not mandated by the people which is probably legally right. However, in our patrimonial society women will never be given the chance to be represented; not unless we give them the opportunity.

So the bottom line: our male representatives still feel threatened by females.