Yesterday evening I spent almost an hour at the new Digicel outlet in the Vision City mall shopping for a phone with my girlfriend. Of course, the whole time I had to wait for her to decide which phone to buy (sshh…don’t tell her).

Nokia 6760 slide

 Anyway, as we were carefully looking at our available options, I came across the Nokia 6760 slide that I have on my Christmas wish list – and it was a few hundred less than what I original wanted to get at Daltron. However, there was a catch – it is network locked (sometimes referred to as SIM lock or subsidy lock).

This means that the phone is locked to only one network and will only read SIM cards from that particular network provider. Now this is done to phones that have been subsidized by the network provider. This enables their customers to be able to afford phones that at times seem out of reach.

On the other hand, there is the same model being sold at Daltron which is open. However, it comes at higher cost.

Should I buy the locked phone? I would have to wait a few fortnights before doing so but I’d get the phone at a lower cost. It will be restricted to only one network though.

Or should I buy the open phone? It comes at a higher cost but I will be able to pay that slowly on a fortnightly basis and I will be able to switch networks.

Yikes! What should I do?