This Christmas I’ve been thinking of buying something extra special for myself. I’ve had my eye set on a new phone for some time now but I just can’t afford to buy something in one go. Now, with Daltron and Courts Hire Purchase Scheme, I just might be able to get something this Christmas.

Nokia 6760 slide

The item on the top of my list is a Nokia 6760 slide phone. The cool, sleek design has really caught my eye and with the large keypad, texting would become less of a hassle. The only drawback is that this phone does not support Wireless LAN.

The next item is a Nokia E71. Now this mobile has everything for your business needs; Bluetooth, SMS, MMS, Email, WLAN, Exchange Email and the lot. However, I’ve found that the keypad are a bit small and for people with large fingers its will be a problem.

HP Ipaq 112

The last is a HP Ipaq 112 PDA. Now this device has it all except that it’s non cellular. That means it can do everything except be used as a phone. What a drag!

If everything goes according to plan, I just might be the proud owner of one of these devices come Christmas.