An African Elephant
An African elephant

OK, I know the title sounds like something out of a CS Lewis book but I’m referring to the decorations along 5 Mile that National Capital District (NCD) Governor, Powes Pakop, and the Happy Gardener (HG), Justin Tkatchenko, are making a tradition. This year, I guess the theme is Christmas Safari.

The importation of the animals didn’t seem to be a problem and now we have an elephant, a rhinoceros and a couple of giraffes grazing the grounds of what used to be the Jack Pidik park. No, they are not real animals but life sized models brought in by the HG as part of his decoration. Or is it?

It could also be a clever ploy to create publicity for the zoo/park at 14 Mile. Yu yet skelim.

Me? Well, I’m all for the zoo. Countries around the world have zoos for amusement and importantly education; why not Papua New Guinea (PNG)?

Everyone in favor say “aye!”

Anyway, if you’ve got time in the afternoons, take a ride to the 5 Mile round about and enjoy the decorations.