Friday's (26/11/10) Post Courier frontpage

Friday’s headline in the dailies, Post Courier and The National, had me fuming with anger.

The announcement was made by the newly appointed Public Service Minister, Moses Maladina, when tabling the 36th Report of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC). The report was based on findings from the Hay Group Consultants who conducted a Leaders’ Pay review in 2009. According to the Post Courier:

“…there is a wide gap in the remuneration of leaders that has developed since the last review in 2000. Over the nine year period the leaders’ base salary has increase by 5%…during that same period CPI has increased by 53%…”

However, the real question should be “Do they really need it?” Almost all the MPs, Department Heads and other leaders have more than enough. They all seem to have houses in Port Moresby, vehicles and on top of that they receive allowances to cover certain expenses.

So my question is “Do they really need it?” Have your say.