It was only until recently that I started blogging.

My main reason was because I had a lot to say but newspapers, magazines etc would only publish what they wanted. Now, we all have different views and opinions on certain matters and if an editor somewhere did not like what you had to say then you don’t get published. After having written a few letters to the newspaper editorial with no positive response, I decided to make my own ‘voice’.

It was also after I started blogging that I realized that subtle editions of a letter can change the whole meaning. I bet, those who have written to newspaper editorials will notice that their ‘words’ get edited. In the end, the message that you are trying to get across gets lost in edition.

One letter change the whole word

In addition to that I found out that you could make money with your blogs. This is a bonus if you have spare time to write about something you are really passionate about. Now, with the economic situation at the moment, any form of legal income is welcome.

So if you want to have a voice, start blogging now.

There are many free blogging websites available like wordpress and blogger that you can use.