On my way to work this morning, I became a witness to a traffic accident. A 10 seater Toyota Landcruiser travelling towards Waigani drove right into the back of white Nissan Pajero smashing the car’s rear. I couldn’t see the driver of the Nissan but the Toyota was an Executive Security vehicle loaded with their personnel.

 The driver of the Nissan did not stop and slowly drove away. The Toyota having stopped saw this and started to pursue. As soon as the Nissan vehicle stopped, security personnel from the other vehicle jumped and started punching the driver.

 It is sad to say but many of our security firms are now nothing more than legalised gangs. This year has reported a number of criminal offences by security firms. The bashing of a military personal in Lae and the murder of a club patron in Port Moresby etc, are just a couple of cases that made it to the papers.

 Now, I believe, there are a few reasons for this:

  1. Recruitment standards are too low. Security firms seem to be employing anyone off the streets these days. While this practice provides job opportunities for the disadvantaged, it also lowers the standard of service provided.
  2. Low pay causes frustration. The amount of work, the harsh conditions and dangers faced by security personnel are high. However, most of them are paid at very low rates and with the ever increasing costs of living; frustration is bound to set in.
  3.  Tribal security forces. Some security companies are now employing their wantoks and creating a security force made entirely of people from a certain area, tribe etc. This, while providing employment for their own people, enforces the tribe mentality.

The reasons mentioned, may or may not apply to certain situations but they are factors in why we have security personnel that do not act within the legal limit. These problems arise mainly because we do not have proper regulations in place, standard have to be raised and control mechanisms be created.