PNG to Host 2017 Rugby World Cup

Papua New Guinea will be hosting the 2017 Rugby World Cup in Port Moresby. The announcement was made by Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko on his Facebook page today.

Tkatchenkto and Pakop Allianz

Congratulations Papua New Guinea we are Hosting the Rugby League World Cup in Port Moresby 2017 . Officially Announced today in Sydney Australia Allianz Stadium.

Posted by Hon Justin Tkatchenko MP on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The announcement is a milestone in the country’s sporting history and I’m sure my rugby crazed wantoks will be over the moon.

It will be a collaborative effort with Australia and New Zealand, and although it might not be fully hosted by us, it is a sign that we are getting recognition as a leader in the Pacific.

A big thank you to Governor Powes Parkop for co funding and being the host city for the Rugby League World Cup for 2017.

Posted by Hon Justin Tkatchenko MP on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Congratulations to NCD Governor and the Sport Minister on your successful bid.

30 Day – 30 Posts

Okay, I’ve completed the 30 Day – 30 Post Challenge I set myself. When I started writing a few posts for my tech blog Bernardo’s Bag of Beans I decided to put 1 post up every day until the end of the month. I did not make it public because I had doubts if I could achieve it but I did.

It was a bit hectic and I did get help along the way. I re-posted from AtContent; a content sharing website I’m a member of to fill in the gaps and I also double posted on certain days. However, this has finally ended with a total of more than 30 posts. The last one will be published tomorrow.

In an effort to make my blog richer, I’ve decided to publish at least once a week from now on. This will enable me to research more into content that interests me and I’m sure would be education for my readers and followers.

My last post for this month will be a review of a Pisen power bank I purchased in Wuhan a few months ago.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read my posts and please ask me a question or comment on the blog if there’s anything you want to know.

Unity Anthem – Steven M & the PNGSIWA [Music Video]

I usually don’t critique music videos (not on the blog anyway) but when I visited China last month, I had the opportunity to meet Papua New Guinean students studying in Wuhan city, Hubei province.

They had just formed an association and were in the process of getting it registered. In a show of unity, the students decided to record a song called ‘Unity Anthem’.

The song is basically summarizes what their newly formed association is about and yesterday, music producer Steven M, who is one of the founding members of the association, uploaded the music video on Youtube.

The video features students from the association and members of Steven’s family; his wife Esther and their beautiful daughter Nini. Unfortunately, son TK was not featured, but you know how boys are.

The video showcases the title theme of unity as a country of diverse cultures and incorporated into the introduction is the lowering of the Australian flag, and hoisting of our national colours. It signifies our independence, our birth as a nation, but is also gives us a perspective – to look back and re-evaluate our progress as a nation.

Another significant thing about the video is that was recorded in China and whilst the singers seem happy to be together, you can feel that deep yearning in their voices for their homeland. You can feel it in the song.

As we are nearing our 40th anniversary, the song’s lyrics should transcend beyond the borders of Wuhan and into the hearts of fellow Papua New Guineans all over the world and especially in our beautiful country.

I hope you find the song as unifying as I have.

God bless Papua New Guinea.

28 Days in China – PNG Students in Wuhan

During my trip to China, I spent most of my time in Wuhan where I also met a large number of Papua New Guinea students attending various institutes of higher learning there. This is largely thanks to my colleague Steven Matainaho who received his Master’s degree there a few days before my arrival.

There are more PNG students in Wuhan than any other city in China and it was only appropriate that they form an association; PNG Students in Wuhan Association (PNGSIWA).

One of the first things that they did was to write and record a song, Unity Anthem, to capture the goals of their association – and bring them closer together.

According to Steven, it is a powerful song written by the association’s founding President, Daniel Kereka:

This is a powerful song of unity for Papua New Guinea. It was written primarily for the PNG Students in Wuhan, China (PNGSIWA) with an objective to strengthen the sense of nationalism amongst its members so that upon returning home, they will have a sense of pride and responsibility to our Country. This song also recognizes that with PNG being the most diverse country in the world, it faces unique development challenges – and thus (political) unity is the way forward.

This song is 100% original. It was written by the founding President of the PNGSIWA Daniel Kereka. It was co-written by Steven Matainaho, and Dr. Fifaia Matainaho. The tune and arrangements is all original.

Other then Steven M, there are almost 40 voices recorded representing a good percentage of Papua New Guineans in China. All four regions of PNG are represented. This song was done For our people By our people!

There will also be another version where we hope to feature one of the 2015 Vocal Fusion finalists (fingers crossed).

This song maintains a Pop Ballad style which has a simple melody and meaningful but yet simple lyrics so at the end of the day it is simple for any PNGean to sing along too…after all that is what an Anthem is all about.

This song was conceptualized primarily for the PNGSIWA but has a broader goal of promoting unity in diversity. It is not in anyway an official Pacific games song, etc…therefore it is titled ‘Unity Anthem – PNG’ and not ‘PNG Unity Anthem’.

Steven recorded the song and edited a video (which should be online soon). The song is shared on SoundCloud. However, I have 4 CD Baby download codes to give away to the first four people to subscribe to this blog.

You can use the code to download the song for free at