Kleenex’s A Caring Chrous

Teachers have always been the true building blocks of society. They have dedicated their time and energy into grooming the future of our country. Though their achievements are not always publically rewarded, most have steadfast in their noble pursuit in the development of young minds.

Today, I found a video on Kleenex’s Youtube channel that celebrates a teacher’s dedication and inspiration that was so emotional, it brought a tear to my eye.

I hope you have some Kleenex around. Enjoy A Caring Chorus.

A Month of Interviews

These last three weeks have been hectic for me. I’ve travelled to the Highlands and New Guinea Islands regions as part of the TVETSSP (technical and vocational education scholarship) interview panel team to screen shortlisted applicants for Certificate I and II to TAFE Queensland. The scholarship is a project funded by the national government in… Continue reading A Month of Interviews

PNG to Host 2017 Rugby World Cup

Papua New Guinea will be hosting the 2017 Rugby World Cup in Port Moresby. The announcement was made by Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko on his Facebook page today. Congratulations Papua New Guinea we are Hosting the Rugby League World Cup in Port Moresby 2017 . Officially Announced today in Sydney Australia Allianz Stadium. Posted by… Continue reading PNG to Host 2017 Rugby World Cup