They die of Tuberculosis – Susan Merrell

Originally posted on Goilala's District Development Forum Blog:

Tuberculosis, commonly known as TB, is an infectious disease caused by infection with the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacterium. Typically TB affects the lungs but it can also infect any other organ of the body. It is spread from person to person through the air when someone with ‘active’ TB of the lungs or throat coughs, sings, laughs or sneezes.

TB is now a single killer that is draining out the population of Goilala District single handedly.

With our health centers and Aid Posts ill equipped, shortage of medical supplies, and few to less willing medical Community Health Workers, Goilala people are left with little or no choice but to await death to knock on their door.

Its a pity really, when we have the capital of Papua New Guinea – Port Moresby – only a stone’s throw away from Goilala. Aren’t we supposed to have at least decent medical and health…

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The Green Beats

Police brutality goes viral

Police brutality has always been an issue in Papua New Guinea (PNG). However, word of mouth has been the medium to which these acts have been passed on, but with the advancement and affordability in technology, new ways are being used to expose the rot – like this video of police setting their dogs on someone accused of selling betelnut.

Warning! The contents of this video can be distressing.


Unfortunately, this is not the only video that has made rounds on the web. Earlier this year a video of police forcing two straight men to make out caused uproar on social media.

Is Digicel Becoming a Bigger (Maybe Better) Network A Worrying Thought?

Bernard Sinai:

This is very worrying.

Originally posted on the Masalai blog:

By Emmanuel Bobola

PNG will soon be bossed around by Digicel PNG who has enormous political support with goals that are not in line with the goals of this Nation.

They are not evil, they are a good company, but their motives and goals are to serve their shareholders and to make as much profit as possible. It is money that fuels this whole thing and since the acquisition of Online Pacific (Datanets) and Remington ISP & VSAT and now Daltron ISP & VSAT, Digicel is poised to dominate the Internet services much as it has with mobile phone services in PNG.

This domination by Digicel in 2014 and onward is a worrying trend. Communications (Internet) like electricity can enhance the lives of PNGeans if it is affordable; however the looming Internet monopoly can have serious negative effects on our economy. must not become a luxury to be afforded…

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